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  • Narrowing Down Your Options (Step 1)

    17 Nov 2019 by

    When you begin looking into what you might want to do after you finish high school, the options can be overwhelming. There is a good chance that if you are here you have already decided that you would like to pursue some sort of post-secondary education. However, even if you know exactly what you are… Read more

  • About Me

    9 Nov 2019 by

    Hi, My name is Ella Rowley. I am in the middle of my junior year of high school (11th grade) at Mayo High School, in Rochester, Minnesota. I have always enjoyed school a lot because it keeps me productive. With School assignments and clubs keeping me busy I seldom find myself being bored. I also… Read more

  • Mentor Post #4

    9 Dec 2019 by

    For my fourth mentor blog post, I looked at College Raptor. I discovered that this was another blog that was focused primarily on college. However, they did have a page on their website that was focused on exploring careers. This blog had four main tabs with different topics surrounding colleges but I focused primarily on… Read more

  • Job Placement Rates

    7 Dec 2019 by

    One of the main reasons that people decide to go to college is to get a good job so that they can easily support themselves and possibly their families. This is why it is important to consider job placement rates after college. It is important for a college to have good placement rates after college.… Read more

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